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All these fanpics, you guys. MY CREYS OH WOE

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jfc those black tank tops

i think i should find this fancam and just watch it on mute or something.

i... yeah.

>> i've been having a thing for seeing arms lately idek

RIGHT? Woolim would save a lot of money if they just gave the fans what they truly want: tank tops. But of course there's party-poopergyu and probably-lack-of-musclesjong...

Dongwoo's shoulders seriously does things to me.

Also your icon A++ She's so fucking badass. This is the kind of girl group I expect Woolim to debut.

if they put gyubb in really tight skinnies i'd be fine. i have a thing for his legs in skinny jeans since that paradise practice vid. i don't know what we'd do with jongie baby though.

jfc woollim better release a dvd for this concert.

kim boa is just flawless as fuck (and i think she was the one who sang "lucky" with gyu) and i've seriously never had so many feels for a girl band like this. i hope woollim girls will be just as awesome as spica.

Seriously if they keep giving him this hairstyle I wouldn't care if they put him in a glittery purple leotard but not really

His hair is pure sex tbh

Preferably a 6 hour one and/or one DVD for every show. I'd be skint broke but I wouldn't care ;w;

That's what I've been hearing too. Her voice is so guuuuuuuuuuh and I really love the way they styled her. I don't know why but I like seeing girl group members wearing pants/not showing 85 percent skin. It's like a breath of fresh air tbh.

I hope the Woolim girls get an awesome group name like Infinite too.

^ that's the video. ;-;

seriously, i know i'd be broke if i bought that dvd but it'd be worth it just to see them play with a live band and perform their songs.

i think what's awesome about kim boa is that she's like a grown-up version of f(x)'s amber somewhat. she's got that tomboy look that i dig and i don't have to feel guilty about being attracted to her.

i don't think woollim would let us down when it comes to a name for them. that's my hope anyway, since they've done well in almost everything else when it came to infinite.

I've seen it before. It's a shame that Woolim didn't sign her/she didn't want to sign with Woolim though. They'd have an instant win if they had her in their girl group.

I'd better start saving up for when/if the DVD gets released ;w;

It's also the short hair; there's very few girls in Kpop with short hair and also her incredibly sexy raspy voice. I'm developing a girl crush on her. Also the rapper of the group is a BAMF as well.

You're right. They have yet to let us down in any shape and form when it comes to Infinite; hopefully that'll continue to be the trend with their girl group too.

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