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What could be better than Infinite? Hot guys who love Infinite and dances their choreo with swaaag
I fully believe that you can judge the level of a bands' popularity by the quality of their cover bands. Epsilon was this to Shinee (and a couple of other bands, but mostly Shinee) for me, and while I've seen a few groups doing Infinite's choreo that impressed me quite a bit, they just lacked a certain je ne sais quoi in terms of execution and synchronization.

This group has it in bucket loads. Bucket loads I tell you. Dance wise, I feel like they're almost on the same level as Infinite; in the case of certain members, better even and believe me, Infinite and I...we're like this, so it pains me to even say that. But I can't deny talent when I see it. On the other hand, all that talent is channeled into loving Infinite and worshiping the ground Infinite trods on (in a synchronized fashion) so who can really find fault in that? And they're hot to boot. SERIOUSLY WHO WOULD LOOK FOR FAULTS WHEN YOU HAVE THAT COMBINATION?

Seriously guys, the guy doing Sunggyu's part EVEN LOOKS LIKE SUNGGYU if Sunggyu was actually from Thailand (which is where I assume they're from since their YT and FB are in Thai) and their Hoya is seriously the most adorable thing ever, he's like not-dancing-adorable-Hoya WHILE dancing and not DANCING MACHINE HOYA when he's dancing (and he kind of looks like Amber too lol).

Their Sungjong looks like Ex-UKISS Alexander lol and idk but at certain angles their Dongwoo even looks like Dongwoo only taller and I swear he even thrusts like Dongwoo during Paradise. What am I saying, all of them are flawless and their Woohyun reminds me so much of someone but I just can't put my finger on it.

I feel so proud to have such an awesome group associated with my flawless, gorgeous angels.

And I just found a video of them fanboying Infinite during Infinite's fanmeeting in Thailand and they and Dongwoo and Sungyeol are so adorable I can't even rn. Their Hoya even wears glasses lol so damn adorable.

That said, when is Infinite coming to Malaysia? I would seriously DROP EVERY SINGLE THING I'M DOING TO GO. No lie.

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OMFG what is this mindfuck?

At first, I was reading your post while the video was playing and I saw from my peripheral vision Sunggyu starting to sing. I focused on the video and FUCKING MINDFUCK OF THE CYBER-ESPACE WHAT IS THIS MINDFUCK. He totally looks like Sunggyu from far, it's scary. Like... OMG.

And I giggled when Sungjong-like appeared, because he does remind me of Alexander. And their Hoya is so cute.

For a very long moment, I was having all these feels and cheering for them as if they were the real Infinite. I was getting all excited and squealing "Woohyuniiiiiiie! Dongwooooo! Aaaaaaah!" They are THAT good.

They worked hard and it shows, but I wouldn't go as far as to say they are on par with Infinite or better than them. I still can see how they all have their personal dancing style, which means they still kind of lack synchronization. The funny thing is it seems their Hoya-like has sharper moves, is more zealous, and their Sungyeol and Sungjong are a tiny bit sloppy. Just like the real ones. XD Sure, Infinite are far from being totally in harmony or like that so-called 100% synchronizatiion bullshit but I think the dancers did not focus too much to the "angle" and position thingie. When I used to practice Karate and participate in Team Kata competitions, we kind of had to train to be "synchronized" too, and being Infinite fans, you and I tend to notice more easily when someone is late in timing or has his hand lower than others and stuff like that. But they most likely never had as much time to train as Infinite, so their cover is excellent in many ways.

RIGHT? I didn't notice it at first, but as I was typing this post, I paused to go look at the video again in case there was something I wanted to add and suddenly it hit me 'it's Sunggyu Thai twin!' Seriously the more I looked at him the more he looks like Sunggyu it's so bizarre. And 'Hoya' seems like the shortest one in the group which is funny because in the performance they're dressed like Infinite and at first glance you'd think they were actually Infinite, until you get to 'Dongwoo' and 'Hoya', who is like a head shorter.

I watched this video after a long time not watching Infinite videos and having seem THAT FANCAM, I do agree. At some parts they are pretty synchronized, but they lack the finesse of the real Infinite; their moves are less clean and they probably lack the experience and lol yes, the weaker members are also dancing the parts of the weaker members of Infinite. Unsurprisingly, I thought their Hoya and Dongwoo were the best in the group, especially Hoya for all the reasons you mentioned. That said, they are better than 80 percent of the cover groups I've seen and their fanboying of Infinite is so damn adorable.

And btw I think the closest Infinite got to 99.9% synchronization was their performance on KJE Chocolate.

UNF that performance. Just UNF. One of my all time favourite performance. The Dashi Dorawa remix is just awesome. I'm drowning in my feels at the thought. XD

Their fanboying warms my heart. And lol at Sungyeol posing behind the camera. XD

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