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a day in the life of a part time normal human being, full time Inspirit
I was almost uncharacteristically productive yesterday. I spent the whole day cleaning my room (there are still unfolded laundry strewn about and trousers hanging off the TV and a giant basket of manga's sitting like a pink elephant in the middle of my room) but if you know me irl, you'd agree that this is a big improvement even if it may not seem that way. And no, I'm not a slob by nature, I'm just...messily organized.

I repainted 1/4 of my room where the paint had been eaten away by the elements--added a couple of Infinite symbols here and there in the while--painted half my closet, then when I finished cooked pasta and potato salad for 8 adults, watched Shut Up! Flower Boy Band episode 5 unsubbed on Tudou, spilled a large amount of creys over Second Invasion and Dongwoo and Hoya and Myungsoo and their touching tears of happy mangst and nostalgic joy, then proceeded to coo over them a little bit more just for added effect, then trolled the SUFBB tag on Tumblr, started having immense amounts of FEELS for menacing-ice-prince Hyunsoo, stalked Infinite some more, made some new Dongwoo icons, had multiple epic win convos with bloodtaki2 on FB about but not limited to a) Infinite b) Infinite c) Woohyun d) Infinite e) Second Invasion f)overwhelming amount of FEELS g)spilled gallons of creys over their perfection h)talked about how perfect Beast's Dongwoon is and if the stylist ever gave him a haircut that accentuated his dazzling perfection that he would not only be the Arab Prince, but also the prince of everything that is beautiful, holy and bishie-sparkling h)talked about Infinite some more.

This went on through the night and at about 9.30 am I slept for about an hour before I got up, stalked Infinite and Second Invasion and Shut Up! Flower Boy Band some more, had breakfast and said I'd continue with yesterday's room cleaning project, but surprise surprise, here I am again.

So there you have it folks, a guide to being a spazztastic Infinite stan who does actually have better things to do, but just prefers not to do it.

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I was reading through this and waiting for the part about Dongwoon, because the part about Infinite (composing 85% of the post) is the standard subject.
And thank you very much, you dumb bitch for making spazz and have all these feels just by READING that stupid post. WHAT IS A REPUTATION

Best part of last night tbh. I had more to post but after I got a bit sleepy I completely forgot about it. I'm going on 35 hours no sleep right now and am running on all natural Shut Up! Flower Boy Band based fuel @w@ CAN YOU TELL HUH HUH HUH CAN YOU

HELLO~ GENIUS HERE~! I'm just misunderstood ;~;

Just... What do you do for a living?! OTL

That was the most painful part of yesterday.

Did you read the fic, in the end?

My dad runs a chalet business. I worked in a stock broking company for four years before I resigned (because I was getting paid the equivalent of proverbial beans) I really liked my job too. So basically I've been lazying about doing nothing, helping my dad manage the business. I still want to get an outside job, but I've been unemployed for so long it's hard getting back into that working groove.

What painful? It was absolutely GLORIOUS! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

The Infinite/SUFBB one? I did and I enjoyed it. I would have liked it more if the other guys had had weird encounters with not-L and not-Hyunsoo respectively.

Now I understand how you could afford not to sleep for 35 hours straight. I'm currently in holidays so I know why I can, but since you probably already graduated, I was being curious as what you did for a living.

Everything about Dongwoon is glorious anyway. Except his stylist's hairstyle choice at times, but that's ok, it never last long.

I didn't further my studies after high school (studying and revising were never really my thing) and around here unless you're incredibly charismatic or smart, people tend to favour work experience over education--reason why at least half of university graduates are either unemployed or working areas not related to anything they actually studied in uni. No worries, I thought people might be wondering how I could be online almost ALL the time.

Infinite's hairstylist should do double duty as Beasts' hairstylist as well because except for like 2 percent of the work he/she's done, I've been incredibly pleased with Infinite's hairstyle.

The thing I will never understand. People who are looking for experienced people. Well, how am I supposed to gain experience if no one will give me a job? Over here, it's more, get the highest diplome and have great experience. OTL

lol I actually saw a comic strip that addressed this issue. I'm not speaking generally, but sometime I hear that graduates here who apply for a job immediately want a good position and a high pay. Some people (a few of my cousin's included) feel like they're above doing things like making coffee and keeping the office clean.

When I was working, my job description was Central Buyer; which meant that I assisted my boss in tending to clients buying and selling of stocks. But I was also his personal assistant, accountant, dispatch, I did all the bank transactions, entertained clients, was his own personal yellow pages, went to meet clients to get cheques and signatures and forms, sometimes IT consultant AND I even made coffee and cleaned the office. I really loved working there, but I seriously could not live on that pay especially considering my unofficial job description. I also even had to tolerate my boss constant need to watch porn while in the office, even while CLIENTS were there. It wasn't tiring or particularly hard, but it pissed me off knowing that other people were getting paid almost double what I was.

The way you describe your job, you seemed really underpaid. Like REALLY. Compared to how much you're involved. What about now? Are you actually looking for a job? (well, I know you're living off SUFBB and Infinite 24/24h ;)

I don't think I was even making minimum wage. I started working when I was 19 and at the time the pay felt okay because I was basically just out of high school with no job experience (besides the 10 days I worked as the front desk at a hotel) whatsoever. But...yeah.

A lot of people have been encouraging me to become an aerobics instructor--nothing professional mind you, just assisting my aerobics teacher with her classes and taking a load of her mind. It's a career direction I'm seriously considering, if I ever manage to get over my fear of teaching. It'll be just like teaching friends, because I swear besides the two people from high school I still keep in touch with and that one from my previous work, the people I'm closest to are the aerobics ahjummas from class (you could say that I'm the maknae of the group for a change) I actually went on holiday with them last year and it was seriously the best trip I've ever had. Without being all sappy or dramatic or anything, my mom passed away about 3 years ago and the ahjummas and my aerobics teacher became something of a mother figure I guess because I like with my dad and my brother and there's just so much mere male thinking I can take at one time.

But yeah not being all tmi sap or anything.

If it's teaching friends, I guess it would be easier. And it's a good start to get back in the working life (or whatever they call it in english), whether grow bored of it, or not.

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