Reiven (cwazy_weiven) wrote,

The Shirota Post

Holy gay cripes on buttered toast; it shouldn't be possible. Seriously, it seriously shouldn't be possible! But Shirota has done gotten 20 percent HOTTER in the second time watching HanaKimi!

How do these Japanese boys do it?! There must be some sort of unwritten rule of nature against such probability!

Aaaaaah! That art-better-than-thou smirk! The butter in my stomach just melts at the sight. Shirota, oh Shirota. I'd feared my love for you lessen since your absense from Tenimyu, but it has only gotten stronger. Tis for the best, perhaps, because Tezuka would never smirk (lest his face crumble to pieces) and I can pass of my time merrily fantasizing that you too have been the gracious reciever victim proud recipint unfortunate casualty person grabbed by KISS MAN!
Tags: a random fandom nag, slash slash and moar slash
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